chguat (chguat) wrote in dio_heaven,


Hey all. I'm a big Ronnie James Dio fan, so it's good to see there are other people on the web who have the same interest.

Dio is my all-time favorite metal man. You can judge Ronnie's greatness just by the fact that every band he was in sucked after he left. Sabbath didn't suffer after Ozzy left thanks to Dio, but Sabbath sucked after Dio left. Rainbow was awesome when Dio was in it, but the minute he left the band started craking out crap records. Nobody can fill his shoes. And what other 80's metal band is still rocking like Dio in the 00's? I love Ronnie James Dio in every band he has ever been in, so I am happy to share in the love of all things Dio here on this forum.

Stand up and shout!
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